About me.

Hey! I'm MakeShift, also known as Nichole. My name is spelled that way (with an H) not because it's European, but because my mom misspelled it on my birth certificate :)

I love to use smiley faces, and I laugh a lot, but I'm not one of those girly-girls who go around obsessing about hair and make-up, either. Haha I actually am the opposite.

I love corny jokes, photography, and playing the saxophone

My favorite book series is tied between Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. I love the play A Very Potter musical, too :)

I'm also very much pro-life and believe strongly in my opinions on other moral issues as well, such as embryonic stem cell research, giving to those who are less fortunate, and helping to save the Earth

Fish creep me out. I don't know why, I don't know how, but my sister has a goldfish and I hate going into her room.

I love real music, music that you can hear legit instruments and voices. John Mayer is my favorite artist, and I really enjoy bands like Train and the Plain White T'

Little kids are so sweet and adorable and they are my inspiation to be an elementary school teacher once I graduate from college

The funny posts on here are my favorites, I love them so much :D

I am also a Roman Catholic and am proud of it

And last but not least, I welcome you to my profile :)