About me.

Makibii was raised by an averagely religious parent who loved him as any parent would and loved by his sibling like any sibling would.
Makibii always had few friends because there's always only a FEW people, within the five-mile radius of him and Makibii being the focus of the circle, were as awesome as he is. Those few people understand sarcasm, inside jokes, clever comebacks and such and they know how to handle it.

One of his brother has a hearing disability but probably much more awesome than Makibii is. He has great knowledge on computer, technical or whatever... He had gone through a lot due to his disability but he has achieved far more than any of us have. He is the only person whom Makibii feels that brotherly-connection.
Other brother of Makibii is the most superior of the brothers. Skin as pale as snow, but he doesn't suck like that sparkly, gay vampire. Very timid but has great potential in almost everything. His personality is both of Dexter from Cartoon Network and Sheldon from, yes, The Big Bang Theory. Like Sheldon, he has his spot... in a car. Behind the driver seat because it provides a perfect angle for the mirror view, checking himself out every few minutes. He seldom speaks but his one-line comments can leave burn marks.
Next in line is Makibii, below everyone's level. An awkward person. Not much to say except he's an embarrassment.
Thus next is Makibii's little brother. A very energetic young one. So energetic, Mother gets irritated sometimes. He is the outgoing one, likes liquor or whatever alcohol offered to him. A very discriminating brother, to the point Makibii just wants to literally kill himself. Makibii's little brother is also a dreamer. A dreamer who have put actions into his dreams. Father may have critisized and teased him to death, but it was acknowledged by all, especially Father, that he will bring fortune, fame and 'proudness' to the family.
The one and only girl in the family. Favored by Father the most, she has a good chance of getting what she desires. Like the paled-skin one, she has a good sense of fashion. F*ck it, everyone has a good sense of fashion except Makibii. Very loving at times but she strikes fear at the very core of Makibii's comfort zone during, you know... It may not show it but Makibii had felt many times that she is disgusted by him, simply by just existing.
Even being surrounded by his brothers and sister, Makibii always felt he was out of place, like he doesn't belong. Thus explaining why he prefer to walk behind the family during family outing.
Makibii leads a mediocre life. His coping skills with his pathetic life is to make jokes and make sarcasm comments to ignore the result of his life achievements which isn't much. The only saving grace for Makibii is his room. It's his place of solitude, a place where the world cannot hurt him further. Everyday of his life he is haunted with questions of why he is alive. Oh, and he is socially challenged.

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