Girls: You save all your menstrual blood in a cup throughout the year, and then pour it in with the punch at the school dance, amirite?
Hillary is pregnant, The Wizard's are done, Zack and Cody graduated, and Miley revealed her secret. Our childhoods are really over, amirite?

Many of those shows appeared in my teens, not my childhood.

You have a friend who never wears shorts, amirite?
In order to save the world, we should all go on MLIA and vote no on all new submissions, amirite?

I don't mind MLIA itself, but the people on there are a little obnoxious. Most of the people on there are tweens who are nostalgic about a time period that they never lived in. That and last year's internet jokes.

Tomorrow's POTD will be about Amy Winehouse, amirite?
@Congratulations good sir on being the most voted down post on amirite!

I'm sorry; I didn't catch that. Can you repeat it again?

Little kids are so much cuter when their polite, amirite?

Their polite what?

People should leave Casey Anthony alone now, the trial is over, there was not enough evidence to put the woman away its sad but thats how it works in America, we dont want to jail a innocent person. Let Casey rebuild her life now. amirite?

Alrighty kids, let's review the American court system, shall we? Our system runs on facts and evidence, not emotions. It works that way for a reason. If your best friend murdered three people and the prosecution has stone cold evidence to prove him or her guilty, you testifying that he or she was really nice and that (s)he wouldn't do that because his/her character is good is ridiculous. Think about what would happen if we judged cases like that based on pure emotion.

Sure, many think that she did indeed kill Caylee, but the problem is that people like Nancy Grace have driven it into our heads that we need to feel this emotional connection to Caylee. The quickest answer is the assumption that Casey did it, so when our emotions are challenged with reality, we turn to emotions. The truth is is that there is just not substantial evidence. That's all.

My personal thought is that (because I do in fact believe in a God) she will pay for whatever she did in an afterlife, whether it was good or bad.

Girls: You save all your menstrual blood in a cup throughout the year, and then pour it in with the punch at the school dance, amirite?
@Matt_the_Jew It's funny that a troll got on the homepage

I don't think it's a troll; I think it's a joke that people are supposed to catch onto.
Also, trolls get on the homepage all.the.time.

wouldn't sun tanning lessen your chance of sun cancer because the sun kills the cancer cells? amirite?

A cancer cell is a cell that undergoes mitosis before it's completely mature. Cell division of cancer cells occurs so rapidly that it overcrowds healthy cells, hence a tumor. What the sun does when you tan is mutate your skin cell's melanin so that you become darker. Benign cancer cells actually occur somewhat often when this happens. Because the sun is literally mutating your cells, malignant cancer cells, though somewhat rare, can become present and cause skin cancer.

If that didn't make sense, ask yourself why we wear sunscreen. It's a different idea, but similar.

you have to pee before you can poop. amirite?
@ya rly!!!

I think you and Mstwss would get along.
You know, both anonymous.
Similar names.

I know.

All polls are fake. Like they REALLY know how much percentage of America is obese or how many teenagers on average have sex? amirite?

If you were even remotely on the right track, that'd be a paradox, not an oxymoron. An oxymoron consists of two words or terms. A paradox is just a contradicting statement...
So you are wrong. Twice.

Did you know that the word "stressed" is "desserts" when spelled backwords. Coincidence? I think not. amirite?

You are going to be blown away when you realize that the phrase "race car" is a palindrome. ono smilie

People who say suicide is selfish because they're harming their family and friends are missing the point. When you are so depressed you feel no will to live, obviously you feel like nobody loves you and nobody will miss you when you're gone. If you feel worthless enough to die, you obviously won't expect other people to care either, amirite?

@wc1234: That sounds like an awfully poor comparison to the "Eat that food on your plate because there are children starving in Africa."

You're forgetting that the depression that usually accompanies suicide is actually a mental illness. People don't choose to have depression, and the thoughts that go with depression are strong enough for that particular person to internally warrant suicide.

Sure, people who are suicidal are technically choosing to die or not, but they most likely also have a psychological illness that, for them, warrants it.

94% of women will preface their parallel parking with, “I suck at parallel parking.” Amirite?

Where did 94% come from?

Your sitting at the computer on amirite?.com, amirite?
@Tucker And also when Tia posted 'I did it'

Right, I forgot about that. Do you (or anyone else for that matter) have the URL, or is it deleted?