About me.

Hey all! My name is Mariah.

I like...
being silly,
having fun,
just lounging around sometimes,
being really active at other times,
Harry Potter,
Kate Winslet,
The Titanic (the movie, not the ship...),
talking to strangers,
nice people,
funny people,
spending time with people (that aren\'t annoying),
watching movies,
reading books (good ones),
the Internet,
watching sports,
and traveling.

Clowns honestly freak me the fuck out.
Spiders scare me.
Natural disasters frighten and sadden me.
Obnoxious, bossy, annoying, douche-baggy, racist, creepy, selfish, and 'know-it-all' people piss me off.
And I find the concept of eternity to be just completely unfathomable.