About me.

Before I begin, I demand of you to send me a message. I like making friends.

I like purple
I'm a musician
I'm a great procrastinator, but I wish I wasn't (Speaking of which, I have to go do my homework...)
I plan on getting a tattoo one day, and it has to be meaningful
Before I die, I'm going to play music in the streets of some city
I like reading, but I don't have the motivation to find books to read
I'd like to visit Spain one day
I am enlisted in the United States Marine Corps (ship date: July 22, 2013)

Have a good life,

  • S.J.F (AKA Mario)

I remember a year ago I was standing in the crowd waiting for my chance to break through, my chance to live again. Should I stumble, or fall and pick up the pieces? Before I die, I will have seen it all. The mountains I have climbed help me enjoy the fall. Cause I need freedom now, and I need to know how to live my life as it's meant to be. And I lost what was mine, and I want what was mine. I don't know how we woke up one day and somehow thought we knew exactly what we're supposed to do. I'm just sitting in my car and waiting for my girl. When I see your face, my hearts burst into fire. I am the greatest man that ever lived. I know that things are broken. So tell me now if you can swim when ropes are wrapped around your limbs. What a beautiful mess this is, it's like picking up trash in dresses. Cause all that I see right now, is someone who's lost and insecure. You are so beautiful, you are the kind of girl that has the chemicals, that makes me fall in love. I'm holding on to a fairytale, we're moving forward but we're not there yet. With the weight of the world on my shoulders, they just wanna see me fall. Is it hard understanding I'm incomplete? Forever trust in who we are, nothing else matters. Last night, I had the weirdest dream that you and I drove up the darkest streets. What's the worst that I could say? I hate this town, it's so washed up. And I am no good at suicide. Don't get me started on what it means to be alive. Life is a waterfall, we're one in the river and one again after the fall. Run away, try to find that safe place you can hide, it's the best place to be when you're feeling like me. That's when she said I don't hate you boy, I just want to save you while there's still something left to save. You try to avoid it, but there's not a doubt, and there's one thing I can do nothing about. And I know you know everything. I know you didn't mean it. There's a place that I've found. As far as I can see, this place lies within the depths of my dreams. My inarticulate store bought hangover hobby kit, it talks. Wake up, you're sleeping behind the wheel. This all was only wishful thinking. Look in my eyes, you're killing me. This glass house is burning down. You light the match, I'll stick around. Oh therapy, can you please fill the void? Now you wait, like the drug, like the change in the pain it goes on for so long. There's always something different going wrong. The path I walk's in the wrong direction. When we go, do we die? Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep. Such a lonely day, and it's mine. If we don't make it alive, well, it's a hell of a good day to die. I'm losing control, and without you I can finally see. Time grabs you by the wrist, directs you where to go. You can't go forcing something if it's just not right. But I can't move the mountains for you. Only in dreams, we see what it means. You are the angel and I am the one that is praying. I'm not some boy that you can sway. We knew it'd happen eventually. In the end it's not about what you have. In the end it's all about where you want to go. And all your touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye...

(Those were all quotes from some of my favorite songs, thanks to AllSmiiiless for the idea)