What doesn't kill Mario makes him smaller, amirite?

True story

Admit it: no matter what kind of gross, disgusting information you find out about McDonald's and how they cook their food, you're still going to eat there, even if it's only once every few months, amirite?

To be honest, I don't even get why people say their food is good. It looks and tastes disgusting. I've been there about twice in the past seven years.

At least only ONE of your parents can share your naked pictures, amirite?

You shared a picture of you being baked on the toilet? that sounds slightly inappropriate for a eighth grade setting.

When you see a divorced family, it makes your family that is not divorced seem so blessed, amirite?

Same with me. It's 8 years for my parents and they can't even have an email conversation without blowing up.

Everything that has raisins in it would be better if the raisins were M&Ms. For example, a box of raisins, amirite?
You don't understand how Bowser can kidnap Mario's girlfriend so many times, yet Mario always invites him to his parties, go-cart outings, and athletic events, amirite?


You can find something annoying about everyone you know, once you've known them long enough. Even your best friend. amirite?

Especially your best friend haha

It'd be cool to have a parody newspaper or news channel with things like "In recent news, a hush fell over a crowd in New Hampshire killing at least 50 moods and injuring more than 70... in other news a cat recently got out of a bag and grabbed a man's tongue!", amirite?

I love how you chose NH. It warms my heart.

Cheerleaders are absolutely pointless. They help no one and are a complete waste of money. amirite?

dafuq is that

Your first kiss wasn't how you wanted it to be. Amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter It was my friend. He asked if I would kiss him and I didn't answer, then he said if I didn't answer he was going to...

I'm sorry, I can't help but laugh at your embarrassment :P Mine wasn't that great either, it took place outside of my high school

If you had the choice between adding ten years on to your life, or getting 10 million dollars, you'd pick the 10 million dollars, amirite?
@abbeyd Only really rich people say no way on this.

I vote no way, and I'm a typical broke 17 year old. And no, my family is not wealthy either.

If I HAD to choose one, I would take the 10 years, but I'd rather take neither. I definitely wouldn't take the money because I don't believe in taking large handouts that I don't necessarily need(like a car or a laptop). I believe that if I took the 10 million, I wouldn't appreciate it. And to me, wealth is pointless if I didn't work to get it.

I wouldn't take the 10 years because I believe that life is something that isn't meant to be extended by pure "magic" (which I'm assuming the OP meant would be the case), for the same reasons I wouldn't want to be given wealth. Everyone dies. It's something that I believe people should learn to accept. There's no point in pushing death away. Do the best you can with the time you're given, whether you die at age 25 or 100. If I were meant to die tomorrow from a random heart attack, and I suddenly was granted 10 extra years to live, I would live every day knowing that I still have time. Which I believe is wrong, because, like I said, everyone should accept death, not postpone it.

When it comes to Vietnam, America is like that annoying friend you had when you were young who would quit just before he lost a game, just so he can say he always "wins". whiny kid voice "Nuuuuhh uuhhh I didn't lose, Im not playing anymoooore!!!", amirite?
@Haha yeah U.S. should have stayed in a losing war and let more soldiers die, because it's only honorable,right

My point was that America likes to say that they've never lost a war, and often argues that they didn't technically "lose" in Vietnam. I'm talking about ADMITTING the fact that we lost, I'm not saying that we should have stayed in Vietnam. Hope that clears it up for you.

If you could have any laptop, for free, right now, you'd get a macbook pro or a macbook air, amirite?
Sex dreams are a guy thing, amirite?

I was about to vote No Way, but then I saw that there were 69 dislikes

Sometimes you stub your toe so badly that you feel the sensation of pain, but it doesn't actually hurt, amirite?

If you feel pain, doesn't that mean it hurts...?