About me.

I'm Mary, and I am 16 and an American.
I like to think I'm awesome, but I don't have enough friends to prove it.
That might be because I'm... hooomeschoooled.

I love music, and my favorites are usually not mainstream. But I'm not completely biased against it.
Honestly I've listened to pretty much every single genre and found something I've liked.
Also, I was a Parawhore far before Twilight and The Only Exception.

I'm not a hater. But I'm not a lover either, so I couldn't make that sentence sound like a cliche phrase or anything.
I do despise Taylor Swift though, I don't care what anyone says, she legit sucks.

I admit I used to be a fan of MLIA... and some of the stories are still funny. But, really MLIA? You're still on about ninjas and Google vs. Yahoo?... Really?