About me.

9th member of LAPDANCE. cool beans, btw why is that saying catching on?

My current profile picture is of my 2nd favourite comic strip, Pearls Before Swine.
I don't know what the title means, but in the strip, Pig (original name, right?) says his first swear word, that is censored out, and it's towards British Petroleum.
This is one of my favourite strips because.. I just find it amazing, can't really explain it.

I enjoy high risk activities, rock climbing, parasaling, wish to skydive when I turn 18.

Nobody knows the meaning of life, but many have taken a crack at it, In my opinion: Life is about accomplishing much, being strong, couragous, and if there is something you don't like, don't complain - make a difference. I believe that life is not about being obnoxious, but helping those that are obnoxious.
Don't cry, be happy for the things you have. If you can't be happy, try and make someone else.
Be all that you can be, and don't settle on less, like most people have.

Most people are in a job that they do not like, so they can make money to feed their family.
I am going to try to never be in a job I hate, and not worry about money, I would rather be homeless then be nothing in a high industry. I plan on going big, trying to make something out of myself, so I probably won't have a family right away, because I wouldn't want to be a burden.

Even now, I work hard, save my money, strong ambitions.
This is me, chill.