Heyo is the proper pronounciation of hello, because in spanish ll is pronounced y. amirite?

I want to have the millionth comment so frickin' bad

The elderly should be sent to jail, and criminals to nursing homes. The eldery would have free hot food, snacks, free legal care, medical and health, security and safety, free clothing, access to pools, counseling and education, family visits, and care. The criminals would have cold food, left alone in a tiny room, limited showers and pay $5000 a month for the torture. amirite?
Girls got it easier: A Vibrator can greatly outperform and outpleasure the work of a Man's penis, but for Men nothing can substitute a mouth or the sweet,wet, tender, warm gushiness that is a Vagina. amirite?
"Gays are denied marriage rights!" Oh, so straight people can marry those of the same sex? amirite?

Then they wouldn't be straight

but that would sound stupid as hell, so..

It's awkward when you're in an unfamiliar area and someone asks you for directions.. Like what do you tell them? amirite?

give them fake directions and get the hell out of there, or say you can't speak to strangers, or just make some crap up

Men are the best cooks. With two nuts, a sausage and a little bit of milk, they can fill a womans stomach for nine months, amirite?
Atheist's need to acknoledge that a God does exist in order to not believe in said God. amirite?
This racism thing is terrible. We should've all been born white so racism wouldn't exist, amirite?
What biology class told you, is you are not an individual, and you are not unique. In fact you DNA is exactly 50% your father's, and 50% your mother's. Thanks Biology. amirite?
People that can't play a sport, play soccer. amirite?
Its kind of ironic how apples can be red, green, AND orange, amirite?

Define Irony for me. 5 seconds. Go.

Universal health-care in the US is not necessarily bad for the US citizens; however, it's horrible for Canadians. I mean what else can they possibly brag about now? amirite?
@That's hilarious, all Americans are morbidly obese! Wait...how about come to fucking America and see for yourself...

lol, well that is american's stereotype. Obviously people break it, but American's aren't know for their best health or intelligence. With is why (I'm guessing) Dr. Oz has a popular show, everyone in America needs a diet plan

Atheists, just because you have more faith in gravity than god doesn't make you smarter than anyone who feels differently. It's not about being naive and believing in fairy tales, it's about faith. So please pretending that since you read one book by one guy with one degree that you are all knowing on the subject, amirite?
@SpencerNewton While that's true I generally dont see many atheists I know fighting for what they believe unless they're told...

Atheists are just as good as debate as the general public, especially on amirite. There are many posts about atheists expressing their religion or lack of one, so yh I don't think you can stand by your first comment

This racism thing is terrible. We should've all been born white so racism wouldn't exist, amirite?

the joke is that this post is racist, holy shit you are all so stupid in the comment section.