When someone says BP, you immediately think of British Petroleum, not Boston Pizza. amirite?

actually, the first thing i thought of was big penis...but those work too

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When Alice in Wonderland takes a moment, she goes on a journey down a hole, meets an invisible cat, an angry mouse, a mad hatter, an angry queen, slays a dragon, and rescues the impossible kingdom. When most people take a moment, they just eat a twix bar. amirite?


Sometimes you see a really inspiring commercial and feel the need to open your window and scream, "IT'S MY MONEY AND I NEED IT NOW!", amirite?

Am I the only one who has actually done this?

If Los Angeles is the city of contradictions, and New York is the city of opposites, then the United States of America is an paradox. amirite?
@mark_ "a" paradox, americans are also an stupid

I'm American and I can't help but agree every time someone says this.

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You think the chicken came first. amirite?

Of course, why would God make an egg, then let it hatch?

Being immature is a hard habit to break. Ha! Hard! Like your mom! amirite?

Yeah...it's funny because a guy posted this, thus proving that men will always be immature XD.

The elderly should be sent to jail, and criminals to nursing homes. The eldery would have free hot food, snacks, free legal care, medical and health, security and safety, free clothing, access to pools, counseling and education, family visits, and care. The criminals would have cold food, left alone in a tiny room, limited showers and pay $5000 a month for the torture. amirite?

LOL I totally thought you meant you should send criminals to a nursing home with people still living there. =P