What will never cease to irritate you?
What would you do if Jesus Christ appeared to you right now?

If the Jesus from the Bible showed up right now I’d want to know some things

Do you pray?

Yes no and maybe are not results prayers answer at exactly at the rate of chance in laboratory settings there is no rational reason to believe that prayer works at all.

Are you afraid of the LGBT community?

Absolutely not

Do you agree with me that the greatest heroes on this world are the saints because by their heroic virtues they illustrate a page of the Gospels and by their imitation of Jesus-Christ they are reaching the state of union with God( via unitiva) which is the ultimate goal of any human life? amirite?

Absolutely not the secular humanist that started the United States is who I would look up to

What do you feel is your biggest personality flaw?
Would you have the discipline to work in a bubble wrap factory?
As there are an infinite amount of universes with an infinite amount of possibilities your dreams might as well be real things happening in another dimension. amirite?

Think what you should have said as there may be infinite amount of universes. Dream is just a label we put on a brain state there is no reason to believe it’s anything more than that

Do you believe that dreams can sometimes predict the future?

I can not believe that many people believe a brain state can predict the future

Tennis isn't a real sport, all they do is stand there and grunt (even the women) amirite?

I’d love to play you

Hell, I don't care if i'm a loser, nerd, or whatever you call me. At least I am focused on getting somewhere in life in order to be successful and not working at McDonald's. amirite?

Well you just alienated every one that works at McDonald’s for trying to get some where in there life. There’s nothing wrong with working at McDonald’s at all don’t get me wrong I don’t work there but if it’s all I had your damn right that’s we’re id be it’s not right for people to pick on you and it ain’t right Poken fun at every one currently employed at McDonald’s

People who don’t know how to merge onto the the highway think it is up to the people already on the high way to make room for them. amirite?
If you could play a scene in a movie, what would it be and
which character would you play?

I would be captain Woodrow F call. 
in the scene where he says “ I hate rude behavior in a man I won’t tolerate it” Like a boss