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Um. I have no idea what that means... I don't even speak Japanese.

Let's be honest, how the fuck does technology really work? Like how does a text message send through thin air, and how does a camera capture what you see, and how does a computer just work in general? You don't think about it, but it's mind blasting, amirite?

....mind blasting?

You managed to live through 01/01/01, 02/02/02, 03/03/03, 04/04/04, 05/05/05, 06/06/06, 07/07/07, 08/08/08, 09/09/09, and now 10/10/10. Give yourself a pat on the back, amirite?
@jilliebean especially 06/06/06 wasn't that supposed to be Judgement Day or something?

My little cousin acted possessed all day. It was really funny but really creepy, especially since she was only four at the time.

you are super excited to see The Last Airbender movie. Not because of the trailers, but because you were a die-hard fan of the anime show of Nickilodeon. amirite?

It's like Dragon Ball Evolution. The movie is a disgrace is no longer spoken about in the Dragon Ball community.

Even if you think really hard, you'll never be able to come up with a new sense. amirite?

It's like trying to think of a new color...

There are more blades of grass than there are people, amirite?

There are more chickens than there are people.

Most people don't even vote for presidents. They vote for things like American Idol -_-... I think they should just name those presidency elections to something catchy like "Who's gonna run this Bitch".. amirite?

Early 1900s: "Women can't vote!"
2010: "Women won't vote!"

P.S. just an example. I'm not hatin' on women or anything. I happen to be one, actually...

Dear mr shyamalan, how does it feel to be hated by avatar the last airbender fans for making that price of crap you call a movie? I mean you can't even get the names right! amirite?

I watched some "Making Of" thing, and apparently, he thinks that the new pronunciations of the names are "so beautiful", and that he had to remove the Kyoshi Warriors because, he "was filming too much of them, and it was becoming a Kyoshi film."

5 hour energy is like death in a bottle, amirite?

Apparently it's effective, though.

You have to admit, Dumbledore's got style. amirite?

Makes me laugh every time. :D

P.S. RIP as well D:

It's awkward when people think you and your brother are a couple, amirite?
@fangirl12 I think he was joking, but it's still really gross... at least he's not like 7 or something?

Yeah... my friend tried to make me believe that her brother and her cousin were hooking up... they weren't.

Internet Explorer is kind of like the Twilight of Web Browsers, amirite?
@roflmao Google Chrome ftw

YES! (I'm on Google Chrome right now)

You don't pop fat girl's cherries, you pop their tomatoes, amirite?

Some things you can never unsee...

Morgan Freeman and the guy from the Allstate commercials should just have plenty of deep, sexy-voiced children, amirite?
@PracticeSafeLunch33 Why yes I did.. I kind of forgot his name when I made the post :P

Okay, good. Because if you said no, I would be quite confuzzled. :P

Pokemon is for girls too, amirite?

Me and my brother used to fight all the time. He was super jealous when I got a Shining Charizard from a booster pack and he didn't. But he always knew when I had it because I had it in a special card protector... it was kind of sucky because you needed like, six fire energy cards and it only had one attack... but it was still pretty awesome.