Prayer is a painkiller.

What's the best thing you have done for another person?

Saved their life.

Attacker plays the victim card.

Just because you don’t like the post doesn’t mean you get to criticise the post and/or insult the poster. Simply put, the world’s not going to cater to you. Troll posts are a different story.

Happy birthday, Lil Princess!)))
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What don't you have the patience for?

Chit-chatting and dillying by store employees (especially behind the deli counter) whilst I’m doing customer orders.

Do you often interact with foreigners in your everyday life?

It's illegal to catch whales in Oklahoma.

Thank you so much, Ser & Platinum I hope to have a blast today.

I can't help it and I'm not looking for sympathy but my mom just died. I'm sure that I seem different and it's only because I can't focus. Putting two words together is a chore, let alone a profound thought. I have to vent somewhere and here is where I choose because it's just easy. I don't have to look you all in the eye in the morning. I'm in charge of all of the "arrangements." There will be no funeral; my mother wanted a celebration of life and a celebration of life is what she will get.

My deepest condolences to you and your family, Jerry! Memory eternal! Know that you have another angel looking down at you.
Sending prayers, love, and hugs!
A celebration of life is a wonderful way of honouring your mother and celebrating her many accomplishments. I too will have one when my time comes.

Sending nude pics of anything online is not sensible. Soooo...why do it? And it's mostly women...

Hardware issue?

Does someone richer than you mean they are smarter?

It would be shallow and ignorant of me to give an absolute yes.

Has anyone tried Blue Apron?

No. Welcome back, SS!

I know this might be asking for too much, but is anyone up for some Haiku?

Fresh fruits to harvest
Broadleaf trees changing colours
My love for autumn

Now I need to go find my Russian ones!

Kiss with your eyes open or closed?

Both ways for me.