If people didn't have taste buds, nobody would be fat, amirite?
It is a lot harder to lose a loved one if you don't believe in an afterlife. amirite?
@FlipFlopsAndSocks I'm glad I dont believe in the afterlife. If I believed my friends and family were going to hell I'd probably get...

According to really any religion that believes in the afterlife, A LOT of people I love would go to hell. So yeah, I'm with you.

It would be nice if showers played music, amirite?

Pshhh, yours doesnt'?

It would be interesting to raise a boy around no girls for his whole life, then when he's 19 or something (after puberty), introduce him to a girl. Would he still be turned on by her boobs, or just think she looked really freaky? amirite?

Finding certain traits in women attractive like large breasts naturally develop within the man and is not due to exposure to them. Even though he would have never seen them, he would still be attracted to them assuming he is heterosexual. However, he would probably be very confused as to why he is having such feelings or even as to what the feelings even mean considering hes never experienced anything like it.

It's pretty weird when you see a post that has more comments than votes. amirite?

Last one to comment wins. Looks like I win :D

Now that you can tell the world you like turtles, posts will never again be voted on seriously, amirite?

...until after april fool's day.

Its nasty when you start chewing gum not realizing theres leftover food in your mouth. amirite?
@Miss_Potter how do you not realize there's food in your mouth; you can taste it can't you?

Not always. When things get stuck between your teeth for long periods of time, they lose taste.

Girls: sex would be so much better if your clit was in your vagina, but childbirth would be extremely traumatic, amirite?
@ClaireTheBozo how do you think of this

It kind of makes sense. It would be easier to stimulate the clitoris the same way the rest of the vagina is. By sticking things in it.

It's not gay if you're a guy and you play the flute. It's only gay when you close your eyes and sway to the music, amirite?
@mchalla3 No, it's because a flute is kinda shaped like a penis. Duh.

... I don't think that was the intention of OP. Otherwise, this is a very badly worded post.

Girls: If the person you're with doesn't like fish, you shouldn't expect to eat out much, amirite?
@i dont get this

"Eating out" is a common euphemism for when a man gives oral sex to a women. The OP implies that a vagina tastes and/or smells like a fish by insinuating that a person that dislike fish would also dislike "eating out" a women.

It's not gay if you're a guy and you play the flute. It's only gay when you close your eyes and sway to the music, amirite?
@that's ridiculous to say. People these days get offended too easily JUST so they can make a big deal of getting...

Its definitely not the same. Your calling a black person black because he IS black.

This post is calling a person gay because they sway to music. Its implying that someone is gay because they do something that is culturally considered feminine.

This post is more like saying "thats so black" to someone that got arrested. Its stereotyping which is offensive.

You liked shapes better when they were just plain simple shapes instead of all that algebra crap, amirite?

Really? I find being able to quantify and find order in all these random shapes utterly fascinating. Plain and simple shapes are just that; plain and simple. Only when I get into the equations and formulas does it get exciting. The way everything just seems to comes together on my paper is exhilarating.

Your $50 cheap fabric shirt and $75 ripped jeans are not cooler then a $10 shirt and jeans, amirite?
Unicorns would make the best girl/boyfriend because they're always horny, amirite?
College should be free, and admissions should be based solely on academic and extracurricular achievement. Tuition simply corrupts the system and throws graduates into debt, amirite?

One of the reasons America has such good colleges is because their so expensive. So no. If it were government funded, it wouldn't be as good.