just because it's designer, doesn't mean it's better. amirite?

I just have designer shades 'cause I think I'm cooler than you :p

@Spain If you want to sound intelligent in Spanish, used the letter Ñ when needed.

If you want to sound intelligent in English, use the word 'use' instead of 'used' in that sentence :)

Tupac and Eminem should've done something together, amirite?

heh, mine's a slightly different tasted:

1. Broken Wings - tupac
2. One day at a time - 2pac/eminem
3. renegades - eminem /jay-z
4. revelations - d-12
5. how come d-12
6. sing for the moment - eminem
7. say goodbye to hollywood - eminem
8. you never know - immortal technique
9. run rabbit run - eminem
10. point of no return - immortal technique

probably 10 of my favourites, in no particular order. but i have way too many songs i equally like to name haha

665- The Devil's neighbour, amirite?


The best friends are the ones that you can be with for hours and do nothing, but still have fun, amirite?

I miss my 'best friend' :(

There is no point in owning both an iPhone and an iPod, amirite?

batteries on the iphone deplete astonishingly quick; it's pretty much a choice between a phone or an ipod. When you're catching the train, driving for a long time, walking/running, public transport or just chilling, you can't use an 'iphone' for music. I have an iphone and an ipod (not an itouch) and i never listen to music on the ihpone cuz it dies wayyy to quickly

Sometimes, it's not a sarcasm font you need, but a seriousness font, amirite?


I ain't into S&M but your whip is off the chain, amirite?

have you guys heard "i need a doctor" wiith eminem and dr.dre. best song ever. so deep.

Let's get a little bit straight about Eminem. Eminem raps about life (his childhood, Hailie, etc). Slim Shady, one of his aliases, raps about the hoes, money, drugs, and anything of that nature. Marshall Mathers raps about his hatred for Kim. Amirite?

kim, his ex-wife :|

Nicki Minaj is a fucking joke, her lyrics are retarded. She makes retarded noises that no lady should ever make: "EARHHRHAGHGHGHGHSRARH"... honestly, wtf.. She has 'alias'?' way to copy off Eminem, and then spits bullshit about "when I grew up I always had these alter-egos"

Bitch, get the fuck off Eminem's dick, shut the hell up and do something original.

Slim Shady had a few good songs, Eminem's new stuff is WAY better than the majority of his old. If you wanna hear stupid shit about "i slit your throat then fuck it, wikka wikka, make you love it" then go listen to ICP or something.

Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, 'Pac and Immortal Technique - the best.


In a way, Taylor Swift's songs are unique, but the one thing that you can't do is relate yourself to them because they are so specific. Example: You were in college working part time waiting tables. What if you've never been to college or worked a day in your life? amirite?

then, you're a lazy shit.

Having extremely big or extremely small feet sucks, amirite?

haha this post makes it sound like you've experienced both :D

Solve my riddle ... If an electric train travels west north-west from Philadelphia at 45 miles per hour, and the wind is blowing from the south south-east at 32 knots, and another train is headed east south east from Vancouver at 67 miles per hour, what direction is the first train's smoke blowing? IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY SMOKE CUZ IT'S ELECTIC!!! amirite?

you kind've solved it yourself... well done...

Tupac and Eminem should've done something together, amirite?

Good as song, deep as :) and yeah, i don't know how i found this post :/

It's ironic that the pop singer Seal looks like he's been clubbed. amirite?
Utah, but I'm taller. amirite?

i thought you were talknig about the emarosa song. i was like. epic win,