@Spain If you want to sound intelligent in Spanish, used the letter Ñ when needed.

If you want to sound intelligent in English, use the word 'use' instead of 'used' in that sentence :)

The censored edition of Eminem's CDs have some of the greatest instrumental songs you have heard in a while, amirite?
just because it's designer, doesn't mean it's better. amirite?

I just have designer shades 'cause I think I'm cooler than you :p

All hell would break loose if Eminem said nigga in one of his songs, amirite?

he pretty much did in that criminal song.

"I drink malt liquor to fuck you up quicker
than you'd wanna fuck me up for sayin the word nigga"

Tl;dr is an abbreviation for "I'm a lazy ass who couldn't bear to read those five sentences, but for some reason I feel the need to make a comment anyways", amirite?

Tl;dr - too lazy; definately retarded

What kind of people actually go on YouTube and click the dislike button? If you don't like the video, simply don't watch it. amirite?

just to re-iterate... how can you... sigh. what they said ^^

Eminem's "Syllables" perfectly describes just what the hell is wrong with music today, amirite?

Dre verse kills it

I ain't into S&M but your whip is off the chain, amirite?

nicki minaj is a fucking reatrd, though.. All these 'split ego's' and different personalities, fucking eminem wanna-be. and she sucks at rapping, her lyrics are terrible.

There is no point in owning both an iPhone and an iPod, amirite?

batteries on the iphone deplete astonishingly quick; it's pretty much a choice between a phone or an ipod. When you're catching the train, driving for a long time, walking/running, public transport or just chilling, you can't use an 'iphone' for music. I have an iphone and an ipod (not an itouch) and i never listen to music on the ihpone cuz it dies wayyy to quickly

Sometimes, it's not a sarcasm font you need, but a seriousness font, amirite?


Solve my riddle ... If an electric train travels west north-west from Philadelphia at 45 miles per hour, and the wind is blowing from the south south-east at 32 knots, and another train is headed east south east from Vancouver at 67 miles per hour, what direction is the first train's smoke blowing? IT DOESN'T HAVE ANY SMOKE CUZ IT'S ELECTIC!!! amirite?

you kind've solved it yourself... well done...

Taylor swift should go see Dr.Phill. After listening to EVERY SINGLE ONE of her songs, it seems like she needs help with her relationships, amirite?
@asdijojioiojioxj SERIOUSLY. It's like stop bitching to us Taylor! We don't care.

haha, agreed!

"i don't wanna hit no woman but this chick has it comin', someone better get this bitch 'fore she gets kicked in the stomach."

YOUR is not the same as YOU'RE, and it never will be, amirite?

your an idiot and i hate you're post

If you have a horrible English teacher for 3 years in a row in High School where you do nothing everyday, and you do substantially worse on the Reading and Writing sections than the Math section on standardized tests, the teacher is partially at fault, amirite?

I had an English teacher who was ridiculously biassed towards certain students, I never bothered to do any work in her classes. Then she took me aside and said she wanted me to try (as I'd filed for a transfer), so I do; the next test I got 98% and the assingment for that topic, an VHA6 (equivalent to a borderline A/A+). She then called me to the office and accused me of plagiarism o.O Stupid woman, I answered all of her questions and proved beyond doubt that my work was original and my own, and she still wasn't satisfied. I went back to doing nothing in her classes out of frustration and thus, barely passed English :D

life story - the end. tl;dr? ;p

In a way, Taylor Swift's songs are unique, but the one thing that you can't do is relate yourself to them because they are so specific. Example: You were in college working part time waiting tables. What if you've never been to college or worked a day in your life? amirite?

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realise you were better than everybody else. Some people need to 'wait tables' to make ends meet while they study, or just make ends meet day to day. I'd be interested to know what you're doing while you're at college...