About me.

What ? An About Me section ? Devoted to Me and Me alone ?
Okay, if you insist.

I've had an amirite account for a long time. I've been on amirite even longer.

Fun Facts!
-Almost 17

  • JK Rowling is cooler than me.
    -I like to read books (That's all I feel like saying on the subject)
  • It was all fun and games on this site two years ago. Then I got banned.

I've traveled a lot (without my parents, cause i'm a kool kid smirk2 smilie)
I had all the places listed here, but it looked tacky and generic. The places I have been were awesome and crazy. So Yeah.

I consume information.

Oh and if you're cool enough (you're probably not) you'll know that my secret name is mau5

Lets all be BFF's ! (No, really. I mean forever.)

I sound cheap, i'm just going to end this abruptly.