You have a hard time deciding whether to wear all your new clothes in the first week of school or to spread them out, amirite?

Umm.. Uniform school FTW :3

It's really annoying when someone tells you to be careful AFTER you spill something, trip, etc., amirite?

Well you obviously didn't know to be careful the first time >.>

If you were in a relationship with someone and they said you had to choose between them and your pet, you would choose your pet, amirite?

When would you ever find yourself in a situation like this o.O

You're not keeping up with the London Paralympics mainly because you can't find it on TV, amirite?
@livesmilelove isnt it not televised?

Its not. That's why you can't find it on TV.

My bad, I worded the post weird.

But my point is, if it's not on TV, no one bothers to keep up via any other means.

you never really understood how the villains from scooby doo always got arrested for putting on a costume and scaring people , rather than actually commiting a crime, amirite?
Watching different bugs interact is really interesting, amirite?

Its actually kind of boring d smilie

It sounds pretty sketchy at first that I'm going to be taking my girlfriend out for her 18th birthday soon, even though she's older than me, amirite?

Age is just a number smirk smilie

You're excited for Anchorman 2, amirite?

This is a really good drawing o.O

The way people can adapt to things in life is amazing, amirite?

The way people refuse to adapt to things is equally amazing (:

Watching different bugs interact is really interesting, amirite?
@maumau Its actually kind of boring

We're not discussing amusement now are we ? :) I thought this was a matter of interest :P

waits for a downvote

Non-vegetarians: you get a sick feeling of satisfaction whenever you see a vegetarian eating something that's made from animal products and they don't realise, like marshmallows and Oreos, amirite?

I'm a vegetarian but I still voted d smilie

Perhaps it is not simply having desires that is inherently evil, but letting oneself become consumed with those desires. Amirite?

Like Macbeth :)

The next time you finish a test before the rest of the class, it would be funny to fold your test into some really intricate and intense origami, hand it in like that, and then run away before the teacher can yell at you to unfold it. amirite?

Yeah, and your life would be average.

There is at least one accent that really bugs you, amirite?

Cockney d smilie