Some people have pretty bizarre usernames, amirite?

YES! I mean, WOW, look at your username!!!! It's SO BIZARRE!!1!11!

Do whales get fatter when they are pregnant?

Guys; there is no pain like the pain of accidently sitting on your testicles, amirite?
You know some people who are just about useful as Anne Frank's drum set, amirite?

As long as they're mooching off their parents and not welfare, I don't really care if someone isn't doing anything at all.

Okay, I understand why people may dissagree, I would appricate a level headed response, I'm not looking for an argument but rather more and open minded person who is willing to have a disscussion with me. I think it is okay for a 16 year old and 60 year old to be together. I think no matter what he age difference, it shouldn't stop you being with the person you love, if you love them, truley, whos to say you can't make love or be together because of your age. You can't help who you love. amirite?

I live in a house with 3 guys and 1 girl, and the seat is usually up ^^

Songs that are 10+ minutes seem to be accepted by every type of music except rap. amirite?

Immortal Technique has a song that's almost 10 minutes, and it's awesome

This world would be a lot better if people used guns only on themselves. amirite?

How can someone disagree with this? :/ People wouldn't be shooting each other with guns. That would be a good thing.

Syphilis is the classiest STD. Ben Franklin had it, amirite?

And Nietzsche! ^^

People always wonder why Pokemon can only say their names. But have you ever thought that maybe it's just the sound that their species can make? Like how cows go "moo"? Perhaps humans just named the Pokemon after the sounds they make, amirite?

No shit Sherlock

Anal Sluts 7 was better than Backdoor Bitches 4, amirite?

How about Backdoor Sluts 9?!

You wonder how mermaids give birth. Well, let alone get pregnant! amirite?

T Pain had sex with a mermaid.

You like the name Zeenada more than the name Xeenada, Zenada, or Xenada, if not please comment which you prefer. amirite?

I have never heard of such ridiculous names...

It's strange to think that our entire existence and everything we do is based on and around time, but time is a man-made invention, amirite?

According to Kant, we did invent time and space, to be able to make sense of the world.