About me.

I would rather follow science than a book that talks about an ark that somehow managed to save 2 of every single organism on this planet.

I do not believe the world was created in 6000 years.

I have an education, with a Masters in Chemistry.

I do not shove the bible down the throat of the people while screaming about freedom.

I am not so lazy that I blame Muslims for all my problems.

I do not use the bible to condemn others while ignoring passages inconvenient for me.

I do not sleep with my gun as if it were a teddy bear.

I do not jerk off to a picture of Reagan.

I do not go around condemning gays an homosexuality while living an imperfect life myself.

i do not ignore the fact that Trump is spending 8 times as much of our money on his vacations as other presidents.

I am not a sheep for Trump, and I find his behavior towards his daughter disgusting

Therefor, I am not Conservative nor religious.