If a blind person lost feeling in their fingers that'd technically be a second visual impairment for them. amirite?

The second best method to read braille, is with those thick lips btw.

When you think about it, every person is in a different time zone. amirite?
@Lordtanner Cmon guys it's "now" right now

Boy were you off. It's actually "now" right now.

The world has gone from Forests being the natural state and cities as settlement. To cities bring the natural state of land while Forests are only for small biosphere reserves or parks. amirite?

You've never left the city, have you?

There's no anxiety like shaving your ball sack with a razor, amirite?

Try shaving right next to the clit. One wrong move...

An eye for an eye makes a world full of blind people and one cyclops. amirite?

So just make sure you are the cyclops, for in the world of the blind, he is king.

More people would probably have kids if you could just incubate them to the point where they can walk and sleep all night.... amirite?

More people would probably have more kids if humans lay eggs instead.

We eat fruits. If the role is reversed, fruits eat our babies. amirite?

When I was a baby I was attacked by an apple tree.

If they were to make a realistic girlfriend simulator it would mostly be trying to find out why she is upset and trying to fix it, amirite?
Vinegar is the only cleaning product that you can also enjoy with fish and chips. amirite?

Don't forget lemon juice.

The person who invented tobacco probably tried to use it like a fuel to start a fire, amirite?

They probably discovered its effects by eating it

When we get hurt we say 'ow' in our own language. amirite?
If you had a dog's sense of smell, you would probably smell the trails of people's farts that have passed through, amirite?

I heard that dogs can see farts.

Every male born from the years 2010-2024 is technically an Alpha male. If they are born from 2025-2039, they are a Beta male. amirite?

Is this a math thing?

Being a mind reader is depressing, amirite?
Blood splatters on walls, so in that case blood splatters inside your veins too, amirite?