It's strange how studies have found smart people are more inclined to take drugs, you'd think it'd be the opposite, amirite?

The smarter you are, the more you know about the world
The more you know, the more it depresses you. The more you're depressed, the more you need to relax. People take drugs to relax. Makes perfect sense to me

It's kinda nice having long boobs, because I can go for a jog without a bra and have my boobies hit me in the face and it wakes you up for the day, amirite?

Dafuq did I just read?

Attractive people: it's really obvious when people are attracted to you. And sometimes you wish you could go around without attracting so many people. amirite?
@jesse_james I KNOW RIGHT?! D: Jk, im the ugliest thing on here. :]

Please don't say that. You're actually really pret-

You're actually seeking a lot of attention.

Guys: you can't wait until the moment when you propose, amirite?

Im a girl and this made me smile :)

Hunger Game Readers: Admit it, you never really pictured Cinna as Black, amirite?
@Cuban_B I disagree. She doesn't look nearly as dark as the book described her to me.

I have this weird habit; even if a book describes a character to me a certain way, I tend to ignore it and make up looks for them based on their personality.

Miley Cyrus's chance of being assassinated by a Nirvana fan just skyrocketed, amirite?
Life is just something you do while you wait for Facebook notifications, amirite?

Wait but since youre an anon, you could be another person masquerading as the same anon. In other words, you did this to get everyone to shut up.

The ending to Mockingjay felt a little bit rushed. You'd think the author would write a bit more on the whole plot line of Katniss choosing either Peeta or Gale- even if it was just half a chapter. But it seemed to work out just too fast and the other character was just kind of brushed off without a real goodbye. amirite?

Team peeta or team gale?

Isn't itvobvious? TEAM FINNICK

A family friend of ours recently had a Star Wars themed wedding. The groom came dressed as Darth Vader and the bride as Princess Leia. You would think someone who likes Star Wars enough to base a wedding off of it would have caught this incestuous flaw, amirite?

No, it would belong on MLIA if it ended like

"It was so totally AWESOME. BEST. WEDDING. EVER."

You aren't the way your 2nd grade self imagined and hoped you would be at your current age, amirite?
It would be funny if all the registered users were just 5 of Anthony's friends, with multiple accounts, who, using skillz and hax, are pranking him into believing amirite is a success, amirite?

Shh shh guys maybe this'll still work.

You are not a fan of Miley Cyrus's new haircut, amirite?
@kipkayify Short haircuts on women just never look nice to me =/

Emma watson's looked amazing. Miley's is horrible.

Every time you watch porn you fear in the back of your mind that it's somehow connected to your Twitter or Facebook, and that it's gonna make a post about how much you love hot horny lesbians. Amirite?
A future full of adults who were never properly disciplined as children, and who were given trophies for simply participating in events in school, sounds like something out of a dystopian terror film, amirite?
@AdonisBatheus Haha, no. No, not at all. Not in any way.

You guys DO realize that participation awards are a slap in the face if that's all you got, right? Because that's the vibe I got. Participation awards are a formality. Everyone knows that.

Famous child star 1937: (Shirley Temple). Famous child star 2012: (Honey Boo Boo). What the hell happened? Amirite?

I like how you pick a nice picture of the first girl and a bad picture of the second.