About me.

I got to a boarding high school. And I'm a girl.
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Appearance: I don't use make-up I have brown curls. I have an olive skin tone. I have greenish blue eyes. I'm 5 foot 4. I'm German but don't look anything like it at all lol.
Music: Regina Spektor,sarah barielles, onerepublic
Things I like: the perks of being a wallflower!!! MY CAT, emma watson, music, my Macbook Air, my iPod touch, reading serious books or popular books (Recommend me a book or ask me for a recommendation, my little brother :), school, sketching manga, writing, being organized, eating healthy, working out, volleyball, long jump, drama, smilies ;-), Despicable me, Nacny Drew, Harry Potter 7 part 1, My sister's keeper, The hunger Games and more
Pet Peeves: People not really paying attention to you while your talking to them
My fav. posts from me: http://www.amirite.net/573127
Overall I like having pretty Debated posts
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