+30Why doesn't the world feel real? It's like we're stuck in this unchangeable loop of negativity and nastiness... now a days it's 'weird' to give people genuine compliments in person or tell someone that you honestly care about them, 'rude' to give your honest opinions, 'unrealistic' to have a little hope and 'strange' to dress/look the way you like. It's not fair that we should be afraid of being judged for being our honest selves, it's not fair that we get judged for showing normal human behavior! Crying isn't a sing of weakness, it's a sing that you're sad, WE ALL GET SAD! Caring doesn't mean that you're in love, it means that you've got a little compassion. Going out and screaming... yes, SCREAMING what you think and what you believe only shows that you not only think it, but that you know it. It can't hurt you... but we're afraid to be judged, we're afraid that there is someone out there braver than you who will tell you off. Still, doing cartwheels in the middle of the road and making a strangers day with an honest compliment and wearing what fits your skin/personality and telling those bully's off and loving every action and consequence that comes with it all... it's weird, but its real. and whats so wrong with that? What is real? It's what happens when we get brave... Amirite?