When you think of a nerd you don't think of a Latino or black guy, amirite?

Steve Urkel is one of the nerdiest nerds I think of...

Sometimes Adam Sandler can be really brilliant, such as in Click, and Bedtime Stories. But other times, he sucks so bad (like in Funny People and You Don't Mess With The Zohan) you temporarily forget that he can be a good actor at times, amirite?

I hated Click and Zohan. But I loved Big daddy, happy gilmore, 50 first dates, and billy madison. I never saw funny people.

Guys: Girls should only have hair on their head, amirite?

I'm think leg hair, pit, chest, and back hair on guys is gross, but i don't ask you to shave it because i know how long it takes us girls. Walk a mile in our shoes before you ask us to change.

God gave men both a penis and a brain, but unfortunately not enough blood supply to run both at the same time, amirite?
@by ur logic if a man gets blood donated or whatever then he should be able to think with both. sry but u seemed to...

Well, i don't have a dick, and you can't just
"get blood donated to you or whatever", so it must not be my dick that's dumb. it's yours.

Drake And Josh? When I was your age, we had Kenan and Kel and we were happy... amirite?

who loves orange soda? Kel loves orange soda. I do, I do, I do-oo!

The best phone number ever is 867-5309, amirite?
The best phone number ever is 867-5309, amirite?
@Cats i know that song and im 13 :)

it's a great song, i've had it on my itunes for a long time.

The best phone number ever is 867-5309, amirite?

really? nobody remembers that song? that makes me feel really old..

Don't have sex. Because you WILL get pregnant. And die. amirite?

Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up . . . Just don’t do it, promise? OK, everybody take some rubbers.