If the Amirite Guy is white, and the Amiwrong is Asian, then what is the black one? amirite?

An asian that's wrong? That happens?

those jokes about people walking into a bar almost never gets finished, amirite?

Two men walk into a bar. The third man ducks.

I'm not gay because I'm vegan, have short hair, have tattoos, and have never kissed a guy. I'm gay because I like women. amirite?

Gold star lesbian.

smirk smilie

It sucks when you're feeling really productive but you have nothing to do. amirite?

I wouldn't know. My To Do list never ends. :(

You always go counterclockwise when going through revolving doors, amirite?

In America, I feel like that's a huge, "Duh!"

Situation: a group of people are ordering food together. One person pays with their credit card while the rest pay that person back in cash. The person that paid with their credit card always ends up paying more than their share, am I right?
@BlackPhoenix o i have a thing on my phone that you put in how many people there are and what the final bill is and tells you...

Yeah, but that's only if you want to split it evenly. When we order food here, you pay what you owe.

The dragons from How to Train Your Dragon look more like Pokemon than dragons, am I right?
If Disney released a megapack of all their really popular animated movies, they'd make a killing, amirite?
You read "prefect" as "perfect" for a while when you started reading Harry Potter, am I right?
In theory, the US mint could print a several-trillion-dollar bill and pay off that debt, amirite?
Barack Obama poops too, amirite?
Girls: it's a really terrible feeling when you're on your period in public, and you can't tell if your pad is leaking or your crotch is just sweaty, amirite?
Barack Obama poops too, amirite?
Great, you've managed to save about two minutes by lugging 10298357 grocery bags back in two trips, in the process injuring your fingers and most likely straining your back. Good luck opening the door, amirite?

kick door, kick door "MOOOOM OPEN THE DOOOOR"

It would be interesting to continuously go between two retailers who claim to "beat any price" and see if you can get shit for free, amirite?

Those places check their competition before giving it to you for a lower price, so...