Teens: It's strange to think of our generation as grandparents, amirite?

Well, considering a significant amount of our generation is having kids between the ages of 12 and 18, our generation will probably be grandparents sooner rather than later.

"Momm.....mom...mommy...momma...momm!..." no answer "her name" she answers... Amirite?

When you first started reading this post, you thought it was quoting Family Guy, amirite?

You hate the DMV amirite?

FUUUUU- don't get me started.

Whenever you're on your iPod and you sing out the lyrics of a song, you think you sound like an angel to the people around you, but when you hear someone else do it, you want them to hush. amirite?

I don't ever think I sing like an angel.

When you drop a thumbtack and can't find it you think "My foot will find that tomorrow", amirite?

Nope, I pick the fucker up or forget about it.

Illinois is the best state in the US, (i mean we have chicago), amirite?

I live in Chicago and I'd agree, except that we also produced that disaster in the current Presidency.

Dexter will get Casey Anthony, amirite?
Julie Andrews is the classiest woman alive, amirite?
Society rejects what it doesn't understand, am I right?
@Lkun I really hate "fuck society" posts... sorry.

It's not a "fuck society" post, just an observation made a long time ago.

Your secret crush is Spencer Reid from criminal minds. amirite?

It's no secret. He's gorgeous and brilliant.

McKinley High School, from gLee, is nothing like real high school, amirite?

You know, if you had spaces between your "amirite," it wouldn't have automatically added "amirite" to the end of your post.

Just an fyi.

You never knew to get the ketchup from the Heinz 57 glass bottles, you can turn the bottle to a 45 degree angle and tap the "57" on the contour of the bottle, am I right?
@SavreetC Wait, are you, like, serious?

Yeah, I'm serious. Works like a charm.

The game "angry birds" is technically animal abuse,amirite?
@Zereul Don't worry, my grammar Nazi. All is well.

Technally, Angry Birds should be capitalized.


The game "angry birds" is technically animal abuse,amirite?


What the...ono smilie

When you're cooking you taste your food to see if it's good but have no idea what to add if it's not, amirite?

Hot sauce.