About me.

Thank you for visiting my profile, however you got here. However, if you are stalking me online, I don't like you.

There are many facts about me:
I am not a pedophile.
I am a boy.
I live in a 5 floor, 3 story house with 3.5 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms, and an elevator.
I know that 2+2=4
I made my LOL sign.
I have no life. :L)
I am a male. 8 )

This is my LOL sign:
┌─╖┌─────╖┌─╖ This is MeilK's LOL sign. I, Meilk, will put it
│─║ │ ╓─┐─║ │─║ on funny (or stupid) post that I read.
│─║ │ ╚═╛─║ │─║
│─║└─────╜ │─║
│─╚═══╗─── │─╚═══╗