About me.

Well Hello there. Here are a some random facts about me that will serve you no purpose and are really only here due to severe bordem. That, and I'm procrastinating on homework. Enjoy

-My name is Mel-Elizabeth. I have a Z in my name. Feel jealous. I'm a proud person, and don't often like being wrong in an argument, which is why I pick my battles....Usually.

-I am 15, I live in Canada. Meaning, yes, of course I live in an igloo and ride a polar bear to school, and if you believe that, do us all a favour and seek help. Please.

-One of my eyes is blue, the other is green. I dont know why, but its cool. I have brown hair, long, long long, brown hair. I'm not gonna lie, sometimes i feel plain. I am a nerd in school, and a jock outside of it.

-I cant snowboard to save my life, but I am a really good skateboarder.

-My mommy says im special. So is she, for that matter. :) We're just a bunch of special people. I am incapable of gargling.

-I am insane. I am a spaz, I have a death wish, I was tired. Excuses for doing the many stupid things that I do. Call me what you want.

-I love tacos. I really do. I understand if you dont, but I do. :)

-'Some people are gay. Get over it' I totally support this.

-I love books. A lot. I read all the time. I am now reading the Mortal Instruments again. the Gone Series, again. The Demons Lexicon, The Maze Runner. I Am Number 4. I have read the Hunger Games and Maximum Ride, i just finished the Scorch Trials, I've read Harry Potter.

-I have OCD, and i have very little time to watch TV, but i love Family Guy. :)

-I am a tech savvy hacker. I have a phobia of clowns. They just freak me out.

Well, welcome to the end. Ask me something if you wanna know more about me.

Oh, and OptimusPrime69 is Epic! She's like my bestest friend on this site. :)