If you were creating a profile on a dating website what would be the first line of your bio?

To be or not to be...

Males: if you've had chest hair, have you removed it in some way to please a partner?

My mom calls me an ape, every single time I came out of shower or sauna.

I know she loves my hairy chest, as I love her. But, still... "You are such an ape!" is somewhat weird to hear every and each time.

What useless skill or talent do you have?

I can be in a relationship without getting angry, violent, turning to alcohol or drugs, quitting my job, cheating, being a control freak, putting TV ahead of sex or gaining weight while still keeping the house clean. Apparently this isn't a sought after skill.

What useless skill or talent do you have?

I prefer to be the catcher

BRAINWAVE: Rhinos are just chubby unicorns....

Finally someone gets it