You could live an entire life not using some body parts for their purpose, amirite?

Well it won't be my liver.

You can tell a lot about a person by what stations are saved in their car, amirite?

Guessing most people don't save any radio stations anymore. My car doesn't have any saved.. Our family van has some SiriusXm stations saved though.. And you'd probably think I'm nuts if you saw the mix of stations the wife and kids have saved.

People that wish animals could talk fail to realise that they are an animal that can talk. amirite?

They really should wish they they could understand the other animals instead. Then you could talk to every grasshopper, pigeon, marmoset and Mongolian Death Worm in your neighborhood.

One of the advantages of being a house cat is that you never have to pay property tax. amirite?

My cat doesn't pay property rax, but I make him pay rent every month.

More people aren't having kids because they care about the environment, so the majority of future generations will be raised by people that don't care. amirite?

But surely people don't have kids so that they can have future carers?

Full moons also come out during the day, yet there are no day werewolves, amirite?

I mean there's no evidence that night werewolves exist so I guess it's not surprising.

Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?

There is if you want to get a bucket and walk down to any source of water. Example a puddle. But you'll probably get sick. Water that won't make you sick isn't free because it take work to make water safe.

We are very lucky that when rain freezes, it makes snow and not ice. amirite?

We're also lucky the sun changes frozen rain to a brown slushy mixture of water, soil and piss.

Kinda weird that there isn't just free drinking water everywhere. amirite?
@JimKB Escaping them in Hawaii

Dude the fact you escape the heat of Nevada by going to Hawaii makes me envious as I'm sat here in Scotland with no where to go in really bad temperatures.

It's kinda ironic that stupid people are some of the most talented linguists out there. amirite?

Ironic? Nah being a talented linguist doesn't make you smart.

People want you to be honest, but when you really speak your mind 95% of them can't handle it easily, amirite?
@vcsandfeces Most of it

That's super vague lol. I'll use you as an example. Are you male and attracted to women?

If a trans woman gets pregnant with her own preserved ahem.. DNA, would she give birth to an almost clone of herself. amirite?

Are you trolling or really that much of a fukwit?

Some lucky person is going to be the first human to ever masturbate on Mars, amirite?

probably shoots further with the lower gravitational pull

someone's mom can be using you as a bad example and you wouldn't know, amirite?

My own friends use me as an excuse for why they turned out so poorly. I would be shocked if their parents wouldn't use me as an example for their siblings.

Death is one of the many certainties that makes sure the world changes and evolves, amirite?

that's why i personally believe that i hope cryonics is not it