About me.

I'm 16, but that shouldn't void my right to an opinion. I live in california. There are several things that I will passionately argue about, but unlike some horribly annoying people, you can change my mind if you reason well. Here's some subjects I can talk/argue about.
Lost (yes, that wonderful tv show that took up 37.5% of my life.)
Religion (I don't a problem with God/gods/other beings, but a problem with religion itself)
abortion (a woman has a right to her OWN body, why should a man get to dicide?)
evolution (ever heard of extinction? genetics? DNA mutations? yeah, that's evolution)
Studio Ghibli (Best movies EVER!)
The Hunger Games (Gale AND Peeta should have died, NOT Finnik, Mags, and Prim)
*Animal rights (I'm not all hippie/veggie person, but we should at least let the animals we're about to eat have a little dignity)
There's some other things, I'm sure you can find them.