It's socially acceptable for Singers to perform with their eyes closed but not Stand-up comedians, amirite?

Something something, You're wrong, something something, Mitch Hedberg.

Birth is the leading cause of death. amirite?

Have you tried breathing? Breathing is the #1 way to avoid all non breathing related deaths.

if the bag is matte the chips are healthy, amirite?
You're either a sussy baka or a bussy saka, amirite?

you're either having a stroke or stroking your...wait

Everyone talks about horny bards seducing dragons. What those bards might not understand is that since dragons are reptiles they would have cloacae, not penises. amirite?

In the lore suggested here, those same dragons can shapeshift. Seduction is totally valid.

Victoria's Secret isn't much of a secret; we all know what body parts are under there. amirite?
when regular dogs see police dogs they think oh no it's a cop, amirite?
Someday, aggressively running your hand through someone's butt crack, then saying MasterCard, will make no sense because of chip and tap technology. amirite?

In future it'll be slapping someone's butt and saying Apple pay

A thirteen year old is way elder than a nine year, but a seventy and seventy four year are almost of same age, amirite?
The members of the Supreme Court probably have a group iMessage. amirite?
You know that a South Park episode is good when it causes a lot of controversies. amirite?

people are just too sensitive nowadays

If veterinarian's were in charge of human nutrition, we might be all eating a bag of dry human food, amirite?

Better than school food

Statistical speaking someone out there has had the correct opinion about everything, and that person must be miserable, amirite?
Balloons must be strange to blind people. Balloons in general are a strange and weird thing we made, but to blind people it must be really strange and weird, amirite?

I get what you're saying also. However I think you might be overthinking balloons and maybe underthinking blind people's abilities a bit.

But I could be wrong. Maybe balloons are weird to blind people. We will have to wait to hear from someone who can ask their blind friend or family member this existential question.

I'm still "team balloons are fairly straightforward to everyone".

We know your stance.

Let's wait for the data to come in and reconvene then.

Meeting adjourned til further information.

We are constantly burning dead dinosaurs to get anywhere. amirite?

Every week someone says this here.

Evrry week it is still incorrect...