No one cares about your Wordle score, amirite?

Sorry for my ignorance but what hell even is worlde

Reloading a gun in reality is not simple as reloading a gun in game. amirite?

Neither is snowboarding as I quickly found out. 🤣

Have a baby get a gym. amirite?

Have a gym get a baby

penknives have become much less common, despite so many people still using pencils. amirite?

Who needs a penknife when you can kill someone with a f** pencil 🙂

Car doors are the only doors you're supposed to slam. amirite?
Think of your least favorite song, somebody thinks that's a decent song. amirite?

If someone thinks yoko ono has a decent song I'll go hee!

maybe every country has ninja's but Japan's are the absolute worst and that's why we know about them, amirite?

Isn't Ninja just the Japanese word for spy/assassin? Does that make Putin a former Ninja?

asking someone's favorite color is the same as asking what wavelength appeals to them most, amirite?
@Lecturesea7537 It's 59hz or death

Ooh talk dirty. Let's mix frequencies. I feel overtones and undertones a brewing.

Cemeteries are landfills for people. amirite?
Car doors are the only doors you're supposed to slam. amirite?
@bibbitybobbitybacon you should check your doors

I would, but have long been desolate and fallen off.

History is written by the victor. Makes you think how many things in history we think are true, but complete lies. amirite?

And if you have Hollywood you become the hero even if you lose or if others did the job for you.

Someone is more likely to be a ghost when they're alive then when they are dead. amirite?
If air has a tint, no human will be able to see the true, untainted color of any object, amirite?
@Framie1 Vacuum?

OP didn't think it through.

Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?
There is no wisdom without regret. amirite?

Nah, I have yet to regret learning how to masturbate.