You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

You haven't been to the right strip clubs.

You can have all the money in the world, but there's one thing you will never have… a dinosaur. amirite?

I've convinced my six year old granddaughter that I had a dinosaur living in my back yard when I grew up. She periodically asks me questions about what it would do in different situations

It's never been about what Superman can do, it's what he doesn't do, that makes him a hero. amirite?

Not doing something is technically a form of doing.

Car doors are the only doors you're supposed to slam. amirite?
There is no wisdom without regret. amirite?

Nah, I have yet to regret learning how to masturbate.

Men might one day evolve to have anal cavities that self lubricate. amirite?

Bidets will be power washers

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?

What if you move forward to the back of the train

You can't tilt a sphere, amirite?
@Hatchadi Not a perfect sphere

So? If it was a perfect sphere that wouldn't make the axial tilt go away

Everybody is the same person - just in a different order, amirite?

u mean in terms of DNA 🧬 bases 😅?

Evil is not a thing by itself - but merely the absence of Good. amirite?

Then is good just the absence of evil?

If your train gets delayed while you're on board, you're getting better value for money, amirite?

This would be true if what you paid for was a specified amount of time on a train.

But what paid for is to get to your destination in a specified amount of time.

We always have vomit in our stomach, amirite?

Til we "pull the trigger".

There isn't a proper Love Triangle that is completely hetrosexual. amirite?

Bizarre Love Triangle.

It's weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe, and that daytime is only caused by a nearby radiating ball of flame, amirite?
One day our grandchildren will judge us for something we didn't know was wrong, amirite?

All the animal torture and human torture is so wrong that our grandchildren might go to jail for something we did so yeah