Everybody is the same person - just in a different order, amirite?

u mean in terms of DNA 🧬 bases 😅?

The fat movement is the only movement that does not require movement, amirite?

Very wrong. Many movements involve being very still.

A right handed person will never understand the volume of daily-use items that are comfortably built for them. amirite?

I've learned to use most things right-handed by this point I hate buying more expensive versions of the same product

if nukes do go off, there's most likely going to be a small timeframe where we get to see videos of them online, amirite?
@Thenaturelover If you're talking about EMP it's not likely that it'll happen if a nuke strikes on the surface of the planet as far...

No server locations and setups live largely in places that will get blasted..
Likewise most of the infrastructure to maintain the internet will likely be massively damaged.

Balloons must be strange to blind people. Balloons in general are a strange and weird thing we made, but to blind people it must be really strange and weird, amirite?

In what way is it really strange to them though, you reckon?

Can we confirm that balloons are trippy to the visually impaired here? I feel like they would be at a normal level of weirding out about balloons, but I have my sight so I wouldn't know.

And I also don't think balloons are that weird.

Freelancers aren't usually free, or have lances, or have free lances. amirite?

freelancer is my bands name 💀

Everyone is immortal until proved otherwise. amirite?

Man I love proving that people are mortal

Evil is not a thing by itself - but merely the absence of Good. amirite?

Then is good just the absence of evil?

37 is someone's favorite number, amirite?

Wide receivers, linebackers and tight ends.

If your train gets delayed while you're on board, you're getting better value for money, amirite?

This would be true if what you paid for was a specified amount of time on a train.

But what paid for is to get to your destination in a specified amount of time.

Calling someone 'hot' is a compliment. Calling someone 'lukewarm' is not. amirite?

This is why you don't use imperial

If something genuinely helps humanity, but harms the big industries, chances are we will never hear of it again. amirite?

Yep big corporations don't like people killing their business look at how someone made smart suitcases they would have killed off the entire suitcase industry if they didn't lobby to get suitcases with batterys banned as a safety risk

We always have vomit in our stomach, amirite?

Til we "pull the trigger".

One day our grandchildren will judge us for something we didn't know was wrong, amirite?
@Shiny244 That or all the plastic in literally everything

Yeah that's also a thing we defenetly don't know about today /s

You're either a sussy baka or a bussy saka, amirite?

you're either having a stroke or stroking your...wait