If you successfully graft a female plant to a male plant. You have made a transplant. amirite?

This is very straight

Someone always tries to reinvent the wallet and never succeeds. amirite?

Mmm I use my cellphone case as a wallet and it works better than any other wallet I've ever had.

There isn't a proper Love Triangle that is completely hetrosexual. amirite?

Bizarre Love Triangle.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were either gay, virgins or into beastiality. amirite?
It's weird to think that nighttime is the natural state of the universe, and that daytime is only caused by a nearby radiating ball of flame, amirite?
We like soda because it stings our mouth a little bit. amirite?

Nah, it's all about the tooth rotting, kidney stone creating, liver killing sweetness!

If there was a jab to cure stupidity, they'd refuse to have it, amirite?
Balloons must be strange to blind people. Balloons in general are a strange and weird thing we made, but to blind people it must be really strange and weird, amirite?

I get what you're saying also. However I think you might be overthinking balloons and maybe underthinking blind people's abilities a bit.

But I could be wrong. Maybe balloons are weird to blind people. We will have to wait to hear from someone who can ask their blind friend or family member this existential question.

I'm still "team balloons are fairly straightforward to everyone".

We know your stance.

Let's wait for the data to come in and reconvene then.

Meeting adjourned til further information.

One day our grandchildren will judge us for something we didn't know was wrong, amirite?

All the animal torture and human torture is so wrong that our grandchildren might go to jail for something we did so yeah

Everyone talks about horny bards seducing dragons. What those bards might not understand is that since dragons are reptiles they would have cloacae, not penises. amirite?

In the lore suggested here, those same dragons can shapeshift. Seduction is totally valid.

Starburst Jellybeans are the world's best skittles. amirite?

Nah, completely different consistency

Granted they are the best jellybean

Salt is a rock. We season our food with sand. amirite?

Salt is a crystal, or a mineral. Salt is not a rock.

We are constantly burning dead dinosaurs to get anywhere. amirite?

Every week someone says this here.

Evrry week it is still incorrect...

Dreams are our brain entertaining itself while our body rests, amirite?
Being fat has nothing to do with weight, it has everything to do with volume. amirite?

A company near my home is advertising that they can let you be not fat but meanwhile be heavier.