Considering how Superman is rarely ever hurt, he must have horrible pain tolerance. amirite?
Immortality is not a super-power, it is a curse, amirite?

That's based on the haver's perspective! Maybe they want to outlive all of their friends and family

There are no natural deaths. amirite?

Please, elaborate.

When you walk forward in a train, you are faster than the train. amirite?
@KilljoyX how would this happen? lets say you are in a train that is going at the speed of light in space and you run forward...

Nothing can accelerate faster than the speed of light in a vacuum. The train in a vacuum is an inertial reference frame which is the same as all other reference frames. As such, walking in the train feels the same as any other train on earth. You are faster than the train relative to the train and only the train. However, you cannot be faster than the speed of light, so what occurs is time dilates and the length of the train contracts to outside observers to account for the difference of speed inside the train. Very simplified and probably inaccurate at some parts, but this is the gist of it

sewing is weird. it's just stabbing cloth with smaller cloth until it's clothes. amirite?

That's how people are made if you think about it

You're either a sussy baka or a bussy saka, amirite?

you're either having a stroke or stroking your...wait

Victoria's Secret isn't much of a secret; we all know what body parts are under there. amirite?
when regular dogs see police dogs they think oh no it's a cop, amirite?
The members of the Supreme Court probably have a group iMessage. amirite?
You know that a South Park episode is good when it causes a lot of controversies. amirite?

people are just too sensitive nowadays

If veterinarian's were in charge of human nutrition, we might be all eating a bag of dry human food, amirite?

Better than school food

Balloons must be strange to blind people. Balloons in general are a strange and weird thing we made, but to blind people it must be really strange and weird, amirite?

I get what you're saying also. However I think you might be overthinking balloons and maybe underthinking blind people's abilities a bit.

But I could be wrong. Maybe balloons are weird to blind people. We will have to wait to hear from someone who can ask their blind friend or family member this existential question.

I'm still "team balloons are fairly straightforward to everyone".

We know your stance.

Let's wait for the data to come in and reconvene then.

Meeting adjourned til further information.

Kids in the future won't be able to experience all the hilarious random glitches that uses to occur in early video games, amirite?

Yes they will. GTA 5 is literally almost 10 years old and its still filled with hilarious bugs. Even recent releases always have bugs in them.

Kevin Mcallister committed far more felonies than the Wet Bandits ever did. amirite?
You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

You haven't been to the right strip clubs.