when regular dogs see police dogs they think oh no it's a cop, amirite?
Don't ever compare yourself to someone else, amirite?
The members of the Supreme Court probably have a group iMessage. amirite?
You pay to not have fun in strip clubs, amirite?

You haven't been to the right strip clubs.

Dog evolved to be tamed by humans and human evolved to take care of dogs, amirite?
@Thatoneduderyan Let's not use marginalized example. Sure some dogs have issues due to excessive breeding but for the most part...

Except that my point is that marginalized example, dogs like corgis, chihuahuas, etc were bred for show, and don't do well on their own

Evil is not a thing by itself - but merely the absence of Good. amirite?

Then is good just the absence of evil?

Technically our eyes always see the past. amirite?

And our minds dream of the future.

For a lot of young people, most valuable thing they'll leave behind when they die will be their Steam account, amirite?
@dankXD Not their PCs?

Nah. I spent like 2k to build my rig and I've definitely spent way more than that on steam over the last 10 years.

Someone is more likely to be a ghost when they're alive then when they are dead. amirite?
Milk is a remedy for spicy food, yet most ethnicities in the world are either lactose intolerant or can't handle spicy food. amirite?

I don't think ethnicity has anything to do with handling spicy food rather eating enough to build a tolerance.

In fact hot peppers were only in the Americas until reletivly recently.

Dreams are our brain entertaining itself while our body rests, amirite?
Dreams are our brain entertaining itself while our body rests, amirite?
Adult movies where they pretend to bang their coworkers is actually the actors banging their coworkers. amirite?

I wonder if their actual harassment complaints are ignored with the crew thinking it's part of the plot

There is always a small portion of your brain that is analyzing the rest of your brain. amirite?
Corn is a bean. amirite?
@Missannthropic Corn is a grain.

Explain it, and you can't cite Wikipedia