This may just be because I'm British, but the American High School system seems pretty damn complicated, amirite?
@davewilk99 Oh, I don't know. Perhaps it's all the core courses, the electives, the credits, your GPA, regular courses, honours...

When you start this at 5 years old, and you have more than ten years to figure it out it isn't complicated.

That new movie 'Friends with Benefits' is the same thing as the movie 'No Strings Attached', amirite?

And Natalie Portman was in No Strings Attached and Mila Kunis is in Friends With Benefits and they were JUST in Black Swan together. Just saying.

It's weird how Apple claims 8 gigs is enough for about 2000 songs. If you played 250 songs at a gig, the crowd would leave, amirite?
@Or like this: trolol

let's hope they're not like this: YouTube video thumbnail

This may just be because I'm British, but the American High School system seems pretty damn complicated, amirite?
@Emperorerror You were already thinking about highschool when you were 5?

No, but by the time you're in high school you know what you're doing. It isn't that difficult

You don't know anyone from North Dakota, any important event that ever happened in North Dakota, or any famous monument from North Dakota, amirite?

I had this debate with my sister yesterday! North Dakota, Wyoming, and Iowa were our top three.

I like turtles because they're so chill. They don't hurt anyone. They're just like, "Hey man, I want to swim, and maybe eat some lettuce. But I'm gonna take my time getting there, I'm not in a rush. Because I'm a turtle." amirite?

Am I the only one who reads this in a voice like Crush from Finding Nemo?

I said this exactly the same way today. hahaha

holy shit, summer is half over. WHAT THE FUCK, WHERE DID TIME GO, amirite?

I was thinking the exact same thing today. smh :(

Just dance is better than dance rance revaloution amirite?
@colette Hmm, I can't say I'm familiar with this "dance rance revaloution". Sounds fun.

Lol, I was about to comment the exact same thing; then you stole the idea from my brain :(

We all have a remedy that works best for our hiccups. amirite?

Cover a glass of water with a paper towel and drink from it. No joke, it works every single time for me.

Pizza Rolls taste the best when they're crispy amirite?

Pizza rolls are an invention of God.

If you think about it, with no telling how small other life forms are from other planets, we could easily be the planet of Giants. amirite?

I was thinking about this the other day! Like how aliens on a huuuge planet could be like the size of the moon! it's so weird to think about!

It's nice not trying to be "hip" so much. Listen to the music that connects you, wear the clothes that looks good on you and go to places that are fun for you. Going clubbing, wearing a North Face and listening to Lil Wayne is not something you need to take part in unless you actually love those things, amirite?

North faces are comfortable and clubbing is fun. Nobody just does it to be "hip."...unfortunately I can't argue with the Lil Wayne thing. I'm not sure why he's considered such a good artist...