If you're hot cosplaying is acceptable, if you're ugly then cosplaying makes you a loser, amirite?

I think all people over 16 who do that are weird, regardless of appearance

Original Coke Taste? Lawsuit, amirite?
@freq432 and cane sugar instead of corn syrup... (Coke II being a front to hide the change, I.M.O.)

'zactly. Now spread the word to every Middlesex village and town! We know how to take the bastards out! By suing for false advertising!!


Humans are an evolutionary dead end, amirite?

Nothing it's a evolutionary dead end. Specially not if we are the dominating species

It takes zero oxygen to kill you. amirite?
Chicken Tinder could be a dating app for nervous and anxious people, amirite?

Unlike Bumble or Tinder, neither the guy OR the girl are expected to make the first move!


If everyone jumped at once, for a brief moment there will be no one on earth, amirite?

One giant leap for mankind

Alarms could wake us using our other senses. Such as a release of a strong smell or something that clips on and gives us a jab. amirite?
To give or to take a look are the same thing, amirite?
@Legendnoel77 Not to my experience. To give a look means you are making a face at someone that you want them to notice you...

That's true, give a look could mean giving a facial expression but if I say I want to give something a look vs take a look then that's the same.

All guns that shoot are "shotguns". amirite?
All guns that shoot are "shotguns". amirite?
An exorsism is a fansy word for a holy beating, amirite?

Also a way of saying someone's going to beat the hell out of someone.

It's scary how addicted we've become to our phones, amirite?
@Boknows12 10 years ago you had to use a programme to pretend to be a phone from your computer? 10 years ago phones weren't...

International calls had sky high pricing via normal networks, through the programme you paid normal charges as if the call was taking place between two people within the same country - much, much cheaper.

It's scary how addicted we've become to our phones, amirite?
There are almost as many testicles in the world as people, amirite?

That makes sense because the average human has one testicle

.4° looks like a person taking a dump, amirite?

Taking a dump while lifting themselves up by their hands.