About me.

Hi. So, I'm Mikki. Pronounced like the cartoon mouse. Yes, that's why I'm dressed up like a mouse. Some days I have no life and just scroll Amirite while watching Doctor Who. Other days, I do the same exact thing.
You should message me. I have no life. I'll answer. We could talk about llamas, Doctor Who, and other various things.

Favorite activity: Surfing...the internet/ Cooking

Favorite movie: Any disney movie

Favorite song: Quiet little voices- We were promised jetpacks

Favorite artist: Michael Buble

Favorite band: The head and the heart/Queen

Favorite thing to do with friends: Creep people out by being weird

Favorite thing to do with family: Play board games

Favorite thing to do alone: Make dinosaur noises

Favorite class/subject: Science/Math

Favorite color: Peach

Favorite video game: Mirrors Edge

Favorite website: iwastesomuchtime.com/amirite

Favorite music genre: Alternative

Favorite book genre: Mystery

Favorite movie genre: Comedy

Favorite tv show: DOCTOR WHO/How I met your mother

Favorite food: Pasta

Favorite drink: Peach iced tea

Favorite meal: Macaroni and cheese

Favorite dessert: Blondies

Favorite day of the week: Saturday

Favorite time of day: Dinner time

Favorite place: My bed

Favorite object: My laptop

Favorite flower: Peach blossoms

Favorite animal: Llama

Favorite emoticon: lolwut smilie / hello smilie

Favorite weather: Rainy

Favorite users:

Favorite post: http://amirite.net/731863