tits are proof that god is real. amirite?

No, it's proof evolution ia real.

In movies, the main bad guy kills more of his own people who talk back to him than good guys, amirite?

Unless, of course, he's Voldemort.

It's possible that English is the only language that exists. Think about it, have you ever actually heard somone speak another language? amirite?

Nä, det finns inga andra språk än engelska...utom liksom 1000 som människor runt hela världen talar...

Milk is one of the most disgusting drinks to share with somebody, amirite?

It's disgusting, period.

The time is today=new Date(); document.write(today.getHours()+":"+today.getMinutes()); , amirite?
It's really annoying when people are arrogant enough to act like their country has no stupid people in it, whereas America is just full of stupid rednecks. Every country has stupid people, and just because you saw an edited interview of Americans on YouTube doesn't mean every one of them is stupid, amirite?

True, Americans are mostly very nice, but they ARE ignorant about other cultures and culturally self-absorbed.

Lily's love for Harry really was the greatest love of all... I mean, come on, it kept him alive though this crazy psycho with no nose tried to kill him. amirite?

Amen to that!

You clap after a movie in the theatre, amirite?

Only if it was really really good…like Harry Potter.

Here, have some sex ..... amirite?

Haha, I'm an avid watcher of her videos. Been watching them for like a year. She's hilarious!

Here, have some sex ..... amirite?

Communitychannel/Natalie Tran? ;-)

As the years progress, the Black eyed peas songs get worse. amirite?

They were never good…

If you don't chase your dreams, who will, amirite?

Well sure we need men to reproduce, but if there were just men and no women, the human race would be screwed. THAT'S the point we're trying to make.

The only reason Lady GaGa gets away with dressing the way she does is because she has actual talent. If any other celebrity dressed like that they would be ridiculed by the media. amirite?

Well, she still gets ridiculed by the media, lol.

Taylor Swift dramatizes teenage girls' life waaayyy too much. Guys, (I'm telling you as a girl) don't fall for it, amirite?
Some days, all you really need is a jar of peanut butter and a spoon... amirite?

Nutella, I'd say.