Algebra is easy, yet most people struggle to learn it, amirite?

Completely oxymoronic

It's normal to tip a waiter who brings you your food but not a nurse for putting an IV in your arm, amirite?

Check your hospital bill

Possibly the Greatest Minds to ever Grace the Earth, Living and Perished, will Never be Heard. Because they're amongst Billions trying to Survive each day. amirite?

Or Maybe they wrote down their works only for them to be burnt in a mass book burning losing all record of their works

There's no such thing as a stupid question.. Ops hold on, amirite?
As an adult, you will never be more aware of how much sex and nudity there is in a movie as you are when watching it with your parents sitting next to you. amirite?
Dinosaurs probably chirped instead of giving off a roar. amirite?

Nah they barked )

Welding is the science of gluing metal to metal using metal, amirite?
The ones who wish to live long shall imitate the bad people around... amirite?

Makes sense. Bad people are capable of doing anything and everything to survive.

Human skin is reflective. We could a disco ball. Don't believe me? Put your phone on the floor of a dar room and hover your hand over it. amirite?

someone's bored

Humans have normalized touching almost every part of their partners bodies with every part of their own except touching eyeballs together. amirite?
If we colonise Mars, every country on Earth will become a 1st world country, amirite?

Chocolates will be nationalised

Society sometimes has a nasty habit of trying to kill off most to all forms of enthusiasm, amirite?

We really do live in a Society...

Burn victims would make really good hitmen. amirite?
@Icy-layer Or anyone who wears gloves.

well..also an unrecognisable face. Plus NO Fingerprint record. Its like wearing gloves 24/7. Checking in hotels, eating in restaurants, going to the cinema, and not a shred of evidence

Coping mechanisms don't require count mechanisms, amirite?

I may be an idiot but I don't understand

Knowing your IQ will never bring you happiness. You're either an underachiever or a dumb person who made it. amirite?