Humans are more concerned with the immediately inconvenient rather than the potentially catastrophic. amirite?

This is called cunningness, worry is normally a waste of imagination, that could be used to solve today's problems, rather than tomorrow's collapse.

You will never be able to explain a color to someone who has never seen that color. amirite?

Hmmmmm. Yes.

Jeans with holes in them cost way more even though you're getting way less jean. amirite?

Most women's jeans (at least in the US) with holes in them have a much higher cotton percentage than ones without. I don't know anything about the textile industry, but it might have to do with the price of cotton vs the price of polyester? I can't stand jeans with all that stretch and I usually have to hunt down and pay more for jeans with a higher cotton percentage.

Animals just walk around butt ass naked, and nobody ever questions it. amirite?

Why do people say butt ass when saying butt butt or ass ass sounds dumb?

Seatbelts are positioned in a way to where "get out the car" brings on a lot of suspicious movements, amirite?
You could hear 1,000 jokes and not remember any of them when you wanted to retell one but remember every single one when you heard them told again. amirite?
@ChootEmChootEm It could be thats where I've remembered it from. I assume you are talking about indexing which I dont think this...

Actually, it is all about indexing. If you're thinking RDBMS, you're hell out of luck, however in NOSQL, every recall is a query, even if you're navigating down a structural tree, it's the primary graph. This is like using a path to navigate to the right XML or JSON node, or whatever implementation the NOSQL pattern has.

Contrary to what The Notorious B.I.G. believed, in fact No Money, Mo' Problems, amirite?

How do u know? Were you extremely rich at one point?

Slogans like "Fun for the whole family" just shouldn't be used at all anymore. amirite?
If nothing happens after death, you don't "experience" death. From your perspective, you never really die, because you don't experience the actual end. amirite?
A male's testicles, arguably one of the most important thing to continue our species, are not inside our body protected, but dangle outside vulnerable to environment. amirite?
A fish never knows thirst. amirite?

The fish that climb trees knows

Our technological and medical progression could have been wayyyy advance if people from the past wasn't killed being accused of performing black magic, sorcery, witchcraft, etc. while in reality performing scientific researches. amirite?
Us 3D-beings, are able to control 2D-beings. Maybe 4D-beings are controlling us, but being controlled by 5D-beings, but being controlled by 6D-beings, but being controlled by 7D-beings. So on and so forth. amirite?
Left is inherently worse than right.

Is this a political thing or are you saying most tools are made for right handed people and that left handed people gotta deal with this small problem.

Nobody ever says "least recent", amirite?

"The least recent photography" is a good counter-example.