If it takes 200 mosquitos to take the blood out of an average human finger, it takes about 1000 to un-erect the average penis, amirite?
@Kionix Ooh...self burn. Those are rare

You should see the self burn after I tried to banish those Skeeters with a big ol' bug zapper.

Had a dong like a lightsaber for a second and a half. Well... Maybe a lightdagger? Then nothing but squito corpses and the smell of burnt hair hanging in the air. Kaboom...

A 15 minute timeout as a kid feels like an eternity. A 15 minute break at work feels like nothing. amirite?

Things change when you are older. Example: Now I'm totally into spankings and naptime.

Deadpool probably isn't circumcised because of his regeneration ability, amirite?

Must be nice :-/

Usain Bolt is the Fastest man on earth even when 99% of the earth's population didn't even participate in the race. amirite?

Um, he can beat them too.

6 degrees. He raced against people who raced against people who raced against everyone

There is no such thing as Almond Milk because there's no such thing as an almond titty. amirite?

Technically true I guess, but there is a thing called cockroach milk

It's almost peculiar that there hasn't been an actual costumed vigilantly yet, amirite?

Many... too many. That's why vigilantism is illegal.

We're pieces of meat walking around on a floating rock pretending to have a purpose, amirite?
Cursive is a secret code for parents, amirite?

So doctors are really like super sayans? (Spelling- W/E)

Memories are usually either "it seems just like yesterday" or " it seems like 100 years ago", amirite?
You've probably drank a smoothie that had a worm in it but no one would have knownn, amirite?

Schrodinger's smoothie worm

You can be a liar and not break any of the seven deadly sins, amirite?
Given that other animals are able to count, humans probably weren't the first species in our evolution to be counting. There was probably some lizard or rat or something down the line that started counting one day. amirite?

Pretty sure it has been shown that ants count their steps.

We all give. each other 1 doller and we all will are becomes billion ears, amirite?

bon apol te

Some future archaeologist is going to dig up a hard drive, plug it in, and get Rick rolled. amirite?

Or maybe they won't be able to use it?