It's weird how songs that used to be extremely popular just drift off into the unknown, amirite?

First one I thought of was Fireflies by Owl CIty; that song just vanished.

You pronounce the name Ber-nerd (unless you're told otherwise) but the dog breed Saint Ber-nahrd

I use a shower cap, so no

Some songs were never meant to be censored, amirite?

Get Low - Lil' Jon

You wish people looked like their personalities. amirite?
Ever since One Direction became popular, Justin Bieber is pretty much a nobody. amirite?
@MrTie I didn't copy and paste that or see it somewhere else. Justin Bieber is famous cause he's a pretty boy with a...

I completely understand the joke and yes, you came up with it yourself, but the idea around the joke ("Let's bash Bieber and 1D!") has been done to death by so many people around the internet.
Just like certain memes, you can come up with an original idea but if the meme has been overused it's not going to be funny anymore.

I honestly could not give less of a fuck about either Bieber or 1D, but I dislike jokes like those because I've seen variants of them everywhere. I hate overzealous fans of both of them but I hate their "haters" just as much. You bashing them is just as bad as their fan girls worshiping them in my eyes.

Why can't everyone just come together and be indifferent to the both of them? They're just people for god sake.

Ever since One Direction became popular, Justin Bieber is pretty much a nobody. amirite?
Sex, is an important, natural part of the human experience. We shouldn't feel weird or uncomfortable talking about and it is definitely not something to be ashamed of.

Try telling that to my conservative, Christian mother.

It sucks when your friend likes you, but you like someone else, and that person doesn't like you, they like someone that doesn't like them, and then no one is happy, amirite?

God dammit, Cupid's drunk again.

You wish you lived back when it was attractive to be pale and flabby, because you wouldn't have to try as hard. Amirite?

I'm black, therefore I would be a slave back then.
I'm gonna go with no.

Ever since One Direction became popular, Justin Bieber is pretty much a nobody. amirite?
@MrTie Yeah they both suck anyway! A pretty boy turning into a wigger and another crappy, not memorable, boring boy band...

You have much pent up rage.
You like to express this rage by making fun of famous males who are more talented and better looking than you.
You are an insecure scumbag.

I am not a fan of either Bieber or 1D but your attitude towards them had to addressed.

Straight men can be whores too, amirite?

But when they are, they're called players.
Double standards...

It's really hard to read a long joke without skipping to the punchline right away, amirite?
@Frank_n_Furter longestjokeintheworld.com

Came here to link that joke. I actually liked reading the story.

Pistachios are the best kind of nuts, amirite?

I think I could come up with a better kind hello smilie

It's annoying when your "bestfriend" won't talk or text back to you yet she's texting your boyfriend still, or on Facebook, amirite?

Talk about specific situation