In the media, long gone decades like the 50s, 20s, 80s, etc. are always portrayed as this magical time alive with change and possibility, as the ideas had not yet run out and society was not yet tainted by social networking sites. However, someone alive in those decades probably could not feel any of that 'magic' and probably felt the same way about their life as you: average.

I passed the milkman today, and he gave me a penny to go to Mr. Gilbert's shop and buy some candy. But Mr. Gilbert was out of Golly Gosh Pops, so I had to get 15 Snickery-Snoocks for my penny instead. MLIA.

Vietnam is such a beautiful place. And yet, when you hear the name, all you can think about is the Vietnam War. It's a shame that this place is still tainted by events that ended 37 years ago, amirite?

Egypt also has nice pyramids but youll probably get shot at the airport

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You wish people looked like their personalities. amirite?

No I don't want to see a bunch of assholes walking around

The fact that this site spells the word "right" as "rite" is annoying and grammatically incorrect... amirite?

technically, neither of your statements are true because the site is posting the phrase "amirite" in terms of dialect, which does not necessarily follow a uniform set of rules as far as spelling goes.

It's worse to slut shame than it is to actually be a slut. At least whores aren't judgmental, amirite?
@Great. The anti slut shaming mentality has infected amirite.

Correlation without causation pretty muchis your argument. All smokers die, but not all people die because of smoking. "Sluts" just have casual sex often. They don't have some agenda to spread around STDs, or to become a drug addict, or to alienate everyone around them. Those would be called idiots. Normal people like sex and a lot of them have it outside relationships. There is nothing wrong with having non-committal sex. There is fault in spreading STDs or breaking relationships, but you attribute that to the irresponsible idiots, not the people who have casual sex.

It's worse to slut shame than it is to actually be a slut. At least whores aren't judgmental, amirite?
@Great. The anti slut shaming mentality has infected amirite.

Kickass, I think you're being a little silly and taking things out of context. If you're in a relationship and sleeping around, that's not simply being a "slut". That's being disrespectful and unfaithful. If you catch STDs and spread them around, that's not necessarily being a slut. That is being irresponsible and stupid. I believe you are mistaking correlation with causation. One can sleep with as many people as they want, the ramifications are only based on the individuals level of maturity and responsibility. A person can sleep with three people and ruin their life, while another can sleep with 15 people and not have a single problem. I don't think there should be a problem with a woman exploring her sexuality, however, I think that is entirely different from a young woman engaging in a lot of risky behaviors. This should be discouraged, though; not shamed. The police and firefighters have nothing to do with this, because they volunteered to help people and took an oath to protect them. Child molesters, rapists, and murderers are in a whole separate category that I'd like to debate later.

The ocean is so beautiful. There is nothing quite as majestic as wading in dihydrogen monoxide and whale sperm, amirite?

Sometimes I pretend the shreds of kelp and seaweed are the pubic hairs from Posiedon's ballsac.

Mmm mmm mmm

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People who watched Brave: You were very surprised at what happened, amirite?

It caught me off guard. I never expected the girl to die. And the part where they said that she won't make it to the afterlife because she didn't have a soul was very surprising, especially for a childrens' movie

Women are generally more attractive than men, amirite?

Men are naturally more attractive than women, especially in the animal kingdom. Peacocks are the ones with the pretty feathers, not peahens. Women dress themselves up.

It's kind of cool when you notice an Amiriter lives rather close to you, amirite?

I know. I know. I don't need to blow this out of proportions.

Are you an astronaut? Cuz I got a boner = best pickup line ever. amirite?

Personally, I like "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven because put your penis in me"

It makes me laugh. A lot. Don't ask why it just does.

Are you an astronaut? Cuz I got a boner = best pickup line ever. amirite?

Well, the person inquires as to whether or not the other person is an astronaut and then regardless of the reply informs them of his erect phallus.

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