About me.

Why hello thereee.
I hate doing About You's soooo, yeah.
I'm 15 turning 16 as of February 20th.
I'm about 5'7 tall.
I'm into these musicians and more;
Cage the elephant
The Dirty Heads
Jason Mraz
Bruno Mars
nevershoutnever (now known as Christofer Drew and the Shout i guess :/ )
Nick Jonas & The Administration (don't judddge!)
I live in Washington State and am a freshman at a ghetto school.
I want to specialize in Cosmetology when I'm older.
I love having conversations on here so don't be shy.
Me and my cousin are so attached at the hip that most think we are either lesbians or just best friends.
Right now I'm really into lace, pearls, floral, and pink things.
I own a black cat named Pancake and a hedgehog named Hades.
I have never done drugs, I want to try marijuana but I'm too scared.
I have the frizziest, curliest hair ever I swear.
If you read this then I love you.

Well that's all for now :3