About me.

I'm a complete Star Wars geek/freak. I was born in Missouri, and, for the record, it's not a hillbilly state. Well, maybe my part of the state is, but not all of it. :)
My Faves
Fave Movie: The Empire Strikes Back
Fave TV Show: Uh...Full House? IDK...
Fave Book: "Wild Space" by Karen Miller or "Star by Star" by Troy Denning
I'm also an aspiring writer and will (if everything goes well!) get my first book published in 1-3 years. I also like art, and have an account on deviantART. (PS, I'm starwarsgal12 on there. It's easiest to google that username, and it'll pull it up.)
I'm also on fanfiction, under the username Stephanie Skywalker. Bet you can't guess what genre I write. ;)
So. Yeah. That's me. I'm kind of a nerd, but being normal is boring...